COVID-19 Rapid Deployment Remote Monitoring

For employers and healthcare organizations to monitor employees, patients, and other individuals at scale for emerging symptoms of COVID-19, deployed in less than a day


Body Temperature

Oxygen Saturation

Difficulty Breathing

Cough Frequency

Monitor critical symptoms with real-time (< 60 seconds) analysis and escalation to your Human Resources or Care Management teams:

Protect the front lines

Monitor teams of emergency, health care, and mission-critical workers to stop the spread quickly

No falling through the cracks

Keep tabs on your most vulnerable seniors and those with chronic conditions that are at higher risk

Stop the

Monitor those who have been directed to self-quarantine for adherence to tracking and know when someone has completed quarantine


Keep your facility-based services focused on critical cases by monitoring suspected cases remotely


  • Enroll thousands of patients quickly
  • Monitor for the key symptoms of COVID-19
  • Provide insight to human resource teams, clinicians, and public health officials on which individuals are demonstrating symptoms
  • Provide insight to human resource teams and public health officials when quarantine has ended with no symptoms present
  • Simple to use — no learning curve or implementation required
  • Deploy in less than a day

For Providers and HR Teams

  • Easy registration of each person to be monitored, individually or in bulk
  • Tag individuals in high-risk categories
  • Rapid Triage
    • Automated, near real-time (<60 seconds) evaluation of symptoms and biometrics
    • At-a-glance view of individuals with active alerts on symptoms or biometrics
    • Identify individuals who have not checked in or submitted data
    • Detailed view of all metrics and symptom reports per person
    • Document simple notes on conversations and recommendations to each individual
    • Codified disposition of each encounter (continue monitoring, go for testing, go to clinical venue, etc.)

For the Individual

  • Provide information on how to request home delivery of thermometer and pulse oximeter, if needed
  • Email with link to provide one-time consent to the program
  • Recurring twice-daily email or text message with simple no-sign-in link to enter biometrics and symptoms
  • No apps to install, no passwords to remember

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About Validic

Validic is the leader in helping healthcare organizations access and operationalize patient-generated health data for virtual engagement and remote patient monitoring. Validic's scalable, secure solutions help improve operational efficiency and patient outcomes by delivering personal health data from hundreds of home health devices seamlessly into your existing clinical workflows.